Glass 'Pixels' Printed On Bike Jacket Make It Shine At Night

pixel fabric.jpg

A to-be-released jacket from Sugoi looks to be one of the shiniest things on the road.

Designed for nighttime bike commuters, the RPM Zap Jacket will be available in fall 2014. It is a mid-price nylon shell (under $150) with a cool feature: It is screen-printed with thousands of glass “pixels” that make for one of the most reflective garments we’ve seen.

Sugoi 1.jpg

Sugoi RPM Zap Jacket

The jacket appears normal under daylight conditions. It has an accentuated drop tail, recreational fit, big pocket on back, and long arms — all nods toward its bike-centric design.

It is not, however, breathable, which will likely be a drawback for those with even modestly long commutes. Made with coated nylon, the jacket is waterproof but will trap sweat. Rob Gill, Sugoi’s creative director, told us it is designed for short commutes and not long miles on the road.

RPM Zap Jacket duo.jpg

The RPM Zap Jacket under daylight, left, and reflected light, right

The company claims the jacket used in the video was put through 24-hour wash and dry cycles, which speaks to its longevity. I’d like to see for myself what this jacket can do under various lighting conditions.

“It almost looks like it’s battery powered, but it just reflects light,” Gill said. —Sean McCoy


The RPM Zap Jacket in daytime

Posted by xVx - 01/16/2014 01:21 AM

The concept is cool but a non-breathable shell for active pursuits like biking is silly. On a jacket like this having a really good DWR would suffice pretty well and give it more year round usage. Or they could use their proprietary 2.5 layer membrane and it wouldn’t drive up the price too much.

I was excited by their use of Polartec Neoshell in other outerwear
Posted by dc - 01/16/2014 02:47 PM

Looks to be a similar idea to the Nike Flash Jacket, but at a much better price.
I’ve had one for 4 years – it shows some wear at the wrists, but is otherwise doing fine. Cars roll down their windows at stoplights to say they could see me a mile away, glad that this kind of thing will be more widely available.

Posted by Donald McWethy - 02/03/2014 04:52 PM

Check out IllumiNite. They’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

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