Glowing SUP Boards with LED Ignite Dark Waters Beneath

light up sup.jpg

It costs $400. But for that cash you can convert a SUP board or kayak into a glowing craft to ignite the water at night.

Made by NOCQUA Adventure Gear in North Carolina, the light systems launched this month. They use LED strips that mount under a board or boat hull.

sup light.jpg

NOCQUA Adventure Gear’s LED systems light the water below

A harness system lets you cinch it onto a board or boat tight. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the lights. It’s quoted to put out 2,000 lumens of glow.

led strips.jpg

NOCQUA 2000 LED Light System costs $400

You can see in nighttime waters and “revel in the connection with marine life illuminated below,” the brand cites. We can’t wait to test it on some dark waters soon!

—Stephen Regenold

sup at night.jpg

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Kayaks and SUP boards are compatible with the NOCQUA system