FiveFingers go Casual, For Kids

Vibram has announced a line of “lifestyle” models for spring 2012, including FiveFingers shoes made for daily wear. One model, the men’s Sorrento, is advertised as “a whimsical penny-loafer” style, and it has a canvas insole and a leather upper with perforation. It snugs on the foot with an elasticized opening that requires no adjustment. The Rimini, a similar shoe built for women, is made with a canvas upper and insole. These casual shoes will cost $120 and $85 respectively.

vibram fivefingers casual line.jpg

Men’s Sorrento (top) and Rimini for women

Another women’s shoe, the Grado has a leather upper and canvas insole, and it is perforated for breathability. Cost will be $100. Finally, the Fresca gives some color to the casual line. It has a lightweight, stretchy upper and polyurethane on the toes, sides and heel for abrasion resistance. Made for women. It will come in three color options for $85.

vibram fivefingers casual line - 2.jpg

Grado (left) and Fresca models

Two new models for kids, the Sprint and the Speed, round out the new VFF line. The Sprint has a Velcro closure, and the Speed laces. They come in colors for boys and girls and start at $55.

vibram fivefingers kids.jpg

FiveFingers for kids

All models in this post come to market in the spring of 2012.

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Jordan - 08/10/2011 12:01 PM

5 toed penny loafers? These are just too weird for me.

Posted by Matt BK - 06/20/2012 01:44 PM

Regarding your twitter question, the two girls (10 and 12) who did the trial run of our adventure racing camp this summer did two days of foot nav, packrafting, and cycle navigation wearing FiveFingers and didn’t have any problems that we noticed. That’s not an endorsement for all kids under all circumstances, of course, but I wouldn’t count them out entirely.

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