Video: 'Fast & Light' on Border Route Trail

We launched our new “Fast & Light” video channel last month with an episode on climbing Kings Peak, the highest mountain in Utah. (See that video here.) Today, we debut the second episode in the series, “24 Hours on the Border Route,” for which Gear Junkie and crew traveled to northern Minnesota to trek the renowned 65-mile wilderness route. The video reveals the rugged beauty of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters as well as the remote and little-traveled nature of the region, where bears roam and forest fires wash unchecked over vast lands. In the video, here below as well as in a larger format on our web channel, Gear Junkie founder Stephen Regenold and his hiking companions get lost, battle compass malfunctions (due to iron in bedrock), and push limits to make it to the end of the Border Route in record time. Enjoy!

Posted by Mep - 11/08/2011 11:32 AM

wow… you ate that mountain house stuff cold? To me that’s the amazing part of this video…

I’ve seen enough of your stuff that I knew you’d make it (Even if it did take a little longer), but eating mountain house stuff cold sounds terrible!

I’d love to see a video on what you pack and how you pack it!

Posted by Stephen Regenold - 11/08/2011 01:43 PM

Oh yeah, we eat it cold all the time (so good out there!). . .

Posted by echymas - 11/08/2011 02:26 PM

Nice Video! What was that stuff you rubbed on your toes?

Posted by Stephen Regenold - 11/08/2011 04:07 PM

That gooey stuff is Hydropel. I use it religiously for any long hike.

Posted by alcontrast - 04/11/2012 09:58 PM

why did you all keep running past the cameras you put down to record yourselves?

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