Do Not Fall! World's Tallest Bicycle So Crazy It's 'Stoopid'

stoopidtaller 2 .jpg

Photo by Stevo Rood

California-based cinematographer Richie Trimble made waves last year when he filmed a video of himself riding a homemade 14.5-foot-tall bicycle. The “Stoopidtall Bike” was built based on an old Huffy frame.

But that wasn’t enough for Trimble. Last month he decided to go even taller. Called the “Stoopidtaller,” his new bike is 20-feet, 2.5-inches tall and weighs about 275 pounds. “It seems to be the tallest bicycle on the planet,” he said.

It took Trimble about four days to complete the monster build. These photos from the inaugural ride in Los Angeles show off this insanely tall build. —Amy Oberbroeckling

stoopidtaller 1.jpg

Photo by Dustin Shepard

Richie Tremble.jpg

Richie Trimble geared up to ride; photo by Stevo Rood

stoopidtall 5.jpg

Photo by Stevo Rood

stoopidtall 3.jpg

Photo by Stevo Rood

stoopidtall 4.jpg

Photo by Stevo Rood

stoopidtall 8.jpg

Photo by Stevo Rood

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Stoopidtall 7.jpg

Photo by Stevo Rood