Zoo Penguin Wears Custom Teva Shoe

So, did you hear the one about the penguin who wears a custom shoe developed by Teva? No joke. See the video here for the story of a custom piece of footwear Teva made for a compromised little water bird named Lucky at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Posted by Jordan - 08/19/2011 12:38 PM

WOW! Does it hinder his swimming though?

Posted by marilena staub - 08/19/2011 12:56 PM


Posted by zoos suck - 08/19/2011 09:58 PM

zoos suck, let the poor bastards go free.

Posted by gnarlydog - 08/21/2011 08:20 PM

That’s advertising money can NOT buy.

Posted by Jere - 09/01/2011 05:17 PM

Just new boot goofin’

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