10 Barrel Beercat

10 Barrel ‘Beercat’ Is Ultimate Mobile Mountain Pub

One snowcat, three taps, and a former pro snowboarder turned DIY enthusiast equals one heck of an aprés concept.

Most ski getaways are planned around a favorite resort or the best conditions. But before spring hits this year, you may want to schedule a ski day strictly for the beer.

Mike Basich drinking in the 10 Barrel Beercat

That’s because last week, 10 Barrel Brewing launched the first-ever “Beercat,” a pop-up tavern perched atop a 1987 Spryte snowcat.

The Beercat has three fold-down walls, two decks, and a variety of taps. Plus, the Beercat has aprés in its DNA. It began its new roving pub life as the pet DIY project of renowned snowboarder Mike Basich.

10 Barrel Beercat

Basich and 10 Barrel documented the highlight of the Beercat project, which you can watch below.

In short, Basich had to remove the bed and build a custom frame for the bar. In addition, the Beercat had to provide comfortable quarters for serving and sitting but couldn’t go over 13½ feet for vehicle restrictions.

10 Barrel Beercat bar

10 Barrel’s Beercat debuted at Alpine Meadows, Calif., but it will hit many big mountain states in its inaugural year. The Beercat will rove mountains providing frosty brews into at least April. See the scheduled tour dates below, and check out the Beercat Tour page for updates.

10 Barrel Beercat Tour

  • Aspen, Colo.: Mar. 15
  • Eldora, Colo.: Mar. 16-17
  • Silverton, Colo.: Mar. 20
  • Ski Bowl, Ore.: Mar. 23-24
  • Heavenly, Calif.: Apr. 13
  • Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Apr. 14
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