Get Fast, Have Fun in Idaho Backcountry Bike Camps

At Rusch Academy, pro athlete Rebecca Rusch will teach you to crush gravel and shred singletrack like a seven-time world champion.

Rusch Academy bike camps

Hosted by the Queen of Pain herself, Rebecca Rusch’s latest gravel riding and mountain bike training camps take place on her home turf in the mountains of Ketchum, Idaho.

Facilitated by professional cycling guides and world-class coaches, both camps create ideal environments to reach personal goals and push limits. Unlike other events where performance is the end game, Rusch Academy also places a focus on having fun in a beautiful setting.

Gravel Less Traveled

Bike training camp Idaho

The Gravel Less Traveled Camp takes place from June 27 to July 1. The fully supported rides venture into the mountains and valleys around Rusch’s hometown. Participants will spend long hours in the saddle during one-on-one sessions with leading coaches.

Participants will learn specific strategies for gravel racing, bike setup, endurance building, and on-bike nutrition. Off the bike, participants bunk in backcountry yurts with meals provided by professional chefs using local ingredients.

The camp guarantees attendees entry into Rebecca’s Private Idaho gravel race, scheduled for August 31 through September 2. The premier gravel race in the state, the main event, known as the Big Potato, is 94 miles long.

If that’s too much to bite off, the 54-mile Small Fry accesses the same roads with views of Idaho’s majestic mountains. Compete for the top spots. Or take your time and hit the aid stations where local firefighters serve cold drinks and freshly roasted Idaho potatoes.

If singletrack is more your speed, The Expedition Idaho Camp is geared for mountain bikers. This camp starts July 18 and wraps up on July 22. During the four-day event, riders explore the 500-mile trail system Rusch uses to fine-tune her fitness. Like the gravel camp, riders will also enjoy yurt accommodations and gourmet meals. Both camps include additional features like daily bike tunes and support vehicles and cost $1,100 including food and lodging.

For more information and to sign up, visit the Rusch Academy webpage.

Rusch Academy bike camp

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