Meridian line Denim

‘Dareful’ Denim: Jeremy Collins Launches Jeans for Outdoors

When a renowned artist/rock climber/adventurer creates a line of blue jeans, expect things to be a little different than your typical jeans. Meet Meridian Line denim.

Jeremy Collins carved a niche with distinctive artwork focused on the outdoors. Now, his illustrations have found their way inside a line of denim that will make his fans swoon.

His brand, Meridian Line, is pushing the denim line on Kickstarter now, and it claims to be as functional as it is eye-catching.

Meridian Line: Artist-Inspired, ‘Dareful’ Clothing

In 2010, Collins started selling signed prints from his studio under the name “Meridian Mapworks.”

“Those were humble beginnings, but orders quickly overwhelmed capacity,” Collins said. “I partnered with a group that could turn this success into a brand.”

Meridian Line launched in 2014 and was in hundreds of retail stores and national parks that year.

“By the end of the next year, we were in REI,” Collins said.

Meridian Line Denim

The new push launches a whimsical, functional denim line that should appeal to a broad swath of outdoors enthusiasts.

“We looked around our space in the outdoor world,” he said. “One common thing we saw is we all wear jeans.” So Collins aimed to fill this niche.

The Momentum Line of denim starts with organic cotton manufactured in Asia. The brand blends cotton with polyester and spandex for a faster-drying, stretchier product than standard denim.

Collins said that, beyond making a good-looking pant, it added many functional features that help them excel.

Big standouts, according to Collins, include stretch, doubled belt loops, a “reinforced kick plate” over the achilles, and a soft, stretchy smartphone pocket inside the main right pocket.

“Climbers and bikers tend to roll up their pants, so it’s a place to show off personality,” Collins said.

Inside, lots of artistic Easter eggs await buyers. Look for Collins’ artwork lining the waist, pockets, cuffs, and other areas.

Meridian Line denim is live on Kickstarter now. It’s already raised $80,000, more than double its goal, with 31 days remaining in the project.

One pair of men’s or women’s jeans in standard, slim, or skinny fit costs $79, which is 20 percent below retail. For those looking for an organic, artistic, stretchy denim pant for everyday wear or play outdoors, Meridian Line offers a new take on the classic.

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