Skiing while using BUFF ThermoNet in Winter
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BUFF Made Its ThermoNet Headwear for Cold-Weather Performance

BUFF’s new ThermoNet collection aims to be a lightweight wicking solution for high-output winter activities.

The BUFF brand is synonymous with neck gaiters. But it keeps building on the concept of multifunctional headwear with new materials to add comfort, block UV rays, ward off insects, and fight odors.

Who’s It For? High-Output Athletes

BUFF designed its ThermoNet collection for aerobic activities like skinning, climbing, or running in cold weather. Built on the original design, these versions of the all-in-one gaiter, balaclava, and hat are specifically for self-powered pursuits when athletes breathe and sweat hard all winter.

Sweat buildup around the head can drop your body’s core temperature. That’s why fast-drying, heat-retaining headwear is so important for runners and skiers in the winter. The BUFF brand claims the new headwear mimics heat-retention properties of down while preventing sweat or breath from building up and freezing.

Several winter aerobic activities involve stop-and-start efforts, whether it’s resting during an ascent or taking your skins off. That’s when you can wear a BUFF brand product to cover more of the face and neck, trapping more heat.

Skiing while using BUFF ThermoNet in Winter

New Fabric, New BUFF: What’s Different?

Wicking moisture and trapping heat are the goals of many outdoor products. How is BUFF’s ThermoNet collection different?

The brand says the use of PrimaLoft yarn helps retain body heat while wicking moisture away from the surface of the skin. According to PrimaLoft, this material can provide four times more warmth than traditional microfibers without adding fabric weight.

These BUFF brand products are also made from recycled REPREVE fibers, which take plastic bottles out of landfills.

A 3-Piece Collection

As versatile as the original multifunctional headwear design is, there are super-cold days when the style of coverage is less up for debate. That’s why the ThermoNet collection includes a full ThermoNet Balaclava and a helmet-friendly ThermoNet Hat, which offer a streamlined fit. Both are made with the same seamless construction and next-to-skin feel of other BUFF brand products.

No matter what type of hard-charging activity you pursue in the winter, the BUFF brand ThermoNet collection offers solutions for staying warm and dry.

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Skiing while using BUFF ThermoNet in Winter

How Did It Start?

The idea for the first prototype came to BUFF brand founder Joan Rojas during a cross-country bike ride. His knowledge of the tubular knitting used in socks inspired him to create something similar for neck and head protection.

With no comparable term for his invention, he called his unique headwear BUFF as a shortened version of “bufanda,” the Spanish word for scarf.

This post is brought to you by BUFF®. Check out the brand’s newest ThermoNet® gear here.

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