Real Hikers Wear Tights: Here’s Why Fjallraven Abisko hiking tights

Real Hikers Wear Tights: Fjallraven’s Abisko Trekkers Reviewed

Hikers take note: Tights offer a better option than pants for tackling miles on the trail. Just expect some odd looks from all the folks you blaze past on the trail.

Real Hikers Wear Tights: Here’s Why Fjallraven Abisko hiking tights

A classic look and simple functionality set the Abisko Trekking Tights apart. Made by Fjallraven, the legwear offers a Swedish aesthetic for your weekend hike.

Or, take them on a serious trek. The Abisko Tights, which run at $175, are made for dedicated trompers of the woods and trail.

For the uninitiated, tights are often a superior choice over pants for the outdoors. The closer fit and articulation improves your stride. Fabric doesn’t swish or rub as much between the thighs, and the tighter fit makes for less snagging off-trail.

I hiked and ran in the new Fjallraven tights over the past month for this review. They are comfortable at both speeds. Fjallraven uses the right materials and offers a svelte Nordic design.

Review: Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights

You pay for the niche pants offering, which are made in Lithuania. At the noted $175 these leggings cost a good margin more than common hiking pants.

For the extra money, you get a closer fit and some material advantages over traditional pocket-laced trail pants.

Real Hikers Wear Tights: Here’s Why Fjallraven Abisko hiking tights

Notably, the company adds a unique fabric on the knees and the rear end. These spots, more prone to ground contact, get a waterproof splay.

The chosen fabric is textured and rubbery, a durable membrane against dewy grass and wet boulders if you choose to kneel or plop down for a break.

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The rest of the tights are made of a woven synthetic fabric that is not waterproof but has copious stretch. At no time wearing the Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights did I feel restriction. They are comfortable for trail running, backpacking, and moderate climbing.

Note: These are not orienteering tights. The material is tough but will not stand up to a deluge of thorns, burrs, and undergrowth that affronts an orienteer. (Many people involved in the sport wear tights; see a GearJunkie review of orienteering tights here.)

Real Hikers Wear Tights: Here’s Why Fjallraven Abisko hiking tights

Hiking Tights, Features and Benefits

Multiple pockets offer stowage for small items. There are belt loops and a zipper-and-snap fly area instead of a drawstring at the waist.

The fit is true to size and looks pro. People will see you’re a serious hiker in these tight-fitting leggings.

Real Hikers Wear Tights: Here’s Why Fjallraven Abisko hiking tights

But Fjallraven eased back on the definition of tights with the Abisko. They fit my legs closely, but not “tight,” despite the name.

The result is a comfortable pair of pants that perform for hiking, running, and even more extreme activities.

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Just be sure you’re ready for the callouts referencing style and a retro look as you sport these paneled, zippered, purely Scandinavian hiking tights heading down the trail.

–See all details on the tights at Fjallraven.

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