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Saxx Pro Elite Performance Boxers: Your Balls Will Thank You

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Saxx Pro Elite Boxer: $29.95

saxx pro elite performance boxers

The Good: Comfortable, supportive sport boxers with mesh sidewalls to keep your junk comfortable. 

The Bad: Can’t talk about them without directly referencing your genitals. 

The Awesome: The fact that I get to write this sentence: The best innovation we’ve ever seen  in crotch pouch technology.” 

saxx 3

The benefit of Saxx boxer briefs is so specific that it’s hard to directly address the experience without directly addressing one’s genitals. So if you’re bothered by this piece, just be happy that I didn’t use visual aids.

For guys, the only real criteria for evaluation underwear was material-based: is it comfortable, does it dry quickly/wick away sweat, is it too delicate, etc. This marks the first time (outside of the ninja suit article) that we’ve ever had to evaluate underwear on a new technology. One that didn’t creep us out, at least.

saxx 2

Here’s the problem with any given pair of boxer briefs – they’re essentially built for Ken dolls. Sure, there’s some extra room up front, but their support pretty much just compresses everything down. During a run, hike, or workout, this is a recipe for discomfort at best and chafing at worst.

Saxx (yes, the name is awesome) is combating this with a pair of mesh walls on either side of the underwear’s junk pouch that keeps your kibble and bits in their own separate room, away from your legs and totally safe from chafing. It’s hard to believe that nobody has thought to improve on underwear before this.

We took the Pro Elite Boxer straight into the Grand Canyon on a 70-mile backpacking trip full of 8-hour hiking days and 10+ mile trail runs in blistering weather, and they felt great. Never gave them a second thought. They’re polyester and spandex, so they wicked moisture away, felt comfortable, and, dried quickly, but most importantly, they kept everything exactly where it needed to be.

These are easily the most comfortable boxers we’ve ever tested. I’m going to have to make an addendum to the Backpacker article I wrote a few months back.

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