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A Tight That Does It All: Stio Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight Review

From town to the trails, the Stio Women's Glide High Rise Tech Tight is a versatile, luxurious, durable companion for a range of activities.
A person sits on a blue camping chair in the grass, wearing Stio women's leggings, reading a book.(Photo/Conni Mahoney)
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Based in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Stio knows a thing or two about the luxury and convenience of clothing that goes from the trails to town. The brand combined that knowledge and created the Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight.

This performance legging feels top-shelf, offering a velvety feel against the skin. But it’s not just about looks. It packs performance. With quick-wicking technology, three pockets, reflective details for safety, and antimicrobial treatment for freshness, this is the ultimate all-in-one tight.

In short: The Stio Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight ($129) is one of my favorite leggings if I don’t know where the day may lead. I pick these if I want to get in a quick run before I meet a friend for coffee. The antimicrobial treatment helps fight odor, so I won’t be smelly while going public. They have a stash pocket on each leg (the left one is zippered) and an envelope on the back of the waist. With zero restriction and an oh-so-soft feel, these leggings can be used equally for high-output activities or lazy camping days.

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Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight


  • Size XS-XL
  • Fabric 69% Nylon, 31% Spandex blend with 200g/m2 density, antimicrobial treatment
  • Inseam 26″
  • Pockets 1 zippered thigh pocket, 1 envelope closure thigh pocket, 1 back waistband pocket


  • Velvety
  • Wicks sweat fast and well


  • Back waistband pocket is not secured

Stio Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight Review

A person wearing Stio women's leggings is setting up a blue camping chair on the gras
(Photo/Conni Mahoney)

If you haven’t already gathered, these tights are incredibly cozy and soft. The suede finish feels like velvety goodness next to my skin. The wide, nearly 4-inch waistband is comfortable and doesn’t roll when I move around.

There is no drawstring, but the elastic band is not too tight and provides enough flex to help it stay put. Not only do these tights feel good, but they are also technical enough for high-output days.

A close-up of a  Stio Women's Glide High Rise Tech Tight
(Photo/Conni Mahoney)

Technical Details

The Glide Tights utilize Fortis, an engineered stretch-interlock technology with a highly flexible nylon and spandex blend.

Stio also integrated moisture management technology and added an antimicrobial treatment. The combo works together to enhance comfort and combat odors during physical activity. These technical details help the tight perform well from yoga to trail running.


The Glide Tights have three pockets: one on each thigh and a back waistline pocket.

The left thigh pocket is 7.5″ x 4.5″ and has a zipper to keep valuables safe. It is spacious enough to hold my iPhone 13 (in its case) easily, but I generally put smaller items in it, such as keys and cards.

On the right thigh is a 6.5″ x 4″ pocket with no zipper. It’s also large enough to hold my phone securely.

The final pocket on the back waistband is 9.5″ x 4″ with an envelope closing. This pocket felt a little loose, and I didn’t trust it to hold my phone or other valuables. I never used it because I was worried whatever I stashed in it would fall out.

Author placing keys into the pocket of their Stio leggings
(Photo/Conni Mahoney)


Stio included a small triangle gusset to help relieve the seams’ stress and allow maximum mobility. I never noticed any restrictions in these. I used the pants for yoga, Pilates, and at-home workouts with box jumps. They moved with me — never against me. 


The nylon spandex blend offers a gracious amount of flex while still having compression and elasticity.

I wore these camping, and I was worried that the abrasive nature of the brush and shuffling gear around our camp would cause pilling or shredding of the leggings. I was happy to report that neither happened. They held up throughout camp setup, gathering firewood, and daytime romps.

They are equally durable as they are comfortable. With the addition of the antimicrobial treatment, when I returned from camping (4 days in a tent and basically wearing these tights nonstop), I didn’t come back smelly! A win in my book.

A person wearing pink leggings with a smartphone in the side pocket
(Photo/Conni Mahoney)


I’ve learned that correctly washing and drying tights is key to maintaining their quality. With these, the antimicrobial helps limit how often I need to run them through the wash. Having a pair and not having to wash immediately after every workout is a bonus. I’ve had leggings that seem to smell after the slightest movement, so this is a nice change of pace.

To wash, I just followed the tag and washed it in cold water (80 degrees F). The tag says it can go in the dryer and tumble dry at low temperatures. Still, I recently ruined a pair of leggings that way, so I always hang dry my workout clothes. Even if the tag says it’s okay to wash and dry a certain way, every washer and dryer may vary slightly. 


As a potential improvement, the back waistline pocket could be made more secure, either by tightening it up or adding a zipper. No one wants to lose items from their pockets!

Also, this design has a lot of seams. The Glide Tight is made from the same material as the seams, but the design has multiple panels and seams. The seams are flat. But the more seams a tight has, the more chances there are to chafe. I never experienced chafing from the seams, but I could see how this could potentially become uncomfortable in high-humidity places with more moisture.

Author placing a smartphone into the back pocket of their stio women's leggings
(Photo/Conni Mahoney)


The Stio Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight is a testament to Stio’s commitment to quality and performance. Crafted from its proprietary Fortis fabric, these tights offer unparalleled flexibility and comfort.

The blend of nylon and spandex, coupled with moisture management technology and an antimicrobial treatment, ensured that I stayed comfortable and fresh during physical activity. Whether I was hitting the yoga mat or the trail, the Glide High Rise Tech Tight was a reliable companion.

While the Glide Tights excel in comfort and performance, there are areas for potential improvement. The loose back waistband pocket poses a risk of items falling out, suggesting the need for a more secure closure mechanism. Additionally, the presence of multiple seams, while primarily flat, may raise concerns about potential chafing, especially in humid conditions.

Regardless, the overall durability, comfort, and technical prowess of the Stio Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight make it a standout choice for those seeking a versatile, high-performance legging.

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