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Voormi Solstice Snow Skirt Review: Protecting Your Best Asset

Voormi Solstice skirt
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This wool overskirt keeps those thighs warm and moves well on winter outings — without adding puff where women don’t want it.

At first glance, $100 seems like a lot for a wool mini skirt. But the Voormi Solstice Skirt is worth it for versatility and durability alone. Just like the only other piece of Voormi gear I own, this wool layering piece works in a variety of settings and feels like it might just last a lifetime.

Author wearing Voormi Solstice skirt, playing with a dog

The Voormi Solstice skirt is a townie favorite in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. That’s the snowy mountain village where Voormi is based. All the wool for the brand’s technical apparel comes from sheep in the state, and it makes all its products in the U.S.

Likewise, all of Voormi’s heavy-duty and lightweight wool blends are designed for performance purposes. A hat needs to breathe. A midlayer needs to manage warmth. A Voormi skirt needs to comfort yet move. And that’s what the Solstice overskirt does through a durable yet soft 21.5-micron wool base and reinforced nylon fibers on the outside.

Voormi finishes off the Solstice skirt with a water-repellent coating. The precision blending technology is surprisingly complex for a natural fiber. But those extra steps mean you can wear this wrap into the backcountry to snowshoe, for example, which kicks powder right up the backside. A butt cover comes in real handy.

Where I’d Wear the Solstice Snow Skirt

Voormi recommends this athletically fitting skirt for cross-country and downhill skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, and everyday lifestyle activities like walking the dog to the coffee shop. However, I’d argue against the wool skirt’s utility for downhill skiing (unless it was a sunny spring day on groomers) and watersports activities in general.

But when combined with a bottom base layer or skivvies, the Solstice skirt is ideal for winter treks, après-ski, yard work, ice skating, winter camping, bike commuting, and just about any lifestyle activity in a mountain or urban setting.

Author sitting in Voormi Solstice skirt, drinking from a mug

One GearJunkie editor mentioned another niche use for the Solstice: to stay warm while standing around between competitive ski-racing events. It’s also a smart piece to keep in your ski or hiking bag and use as a changing cover at the car.

Voormi Solstice Overskirt: Fit & Feel

Most notably, the Solstice has a much sleeker look than most of the puffy-coat-style overskirts on the market.Voormi Solstice skirt

I typically wear an extra-small or small in bottoms, and the Solstice in a small was snug from waistband to thigh. That said, the folding design may be part of this issue. The cut means the wool material is essentially doubled over half of the front and back of the skirt. This adds warmth, but also some bulk.

Most recently, I used this overskirt while shoveling a foot of snow off my deck. Thanks to its V-cut overlapping layers, my legs moved freely. Yet this design feature also means the skirt is cut fairly high.

Closeup of Voormi Solstice skirt, snowy deck in background

It angles lower on the outer thigh, but Vs higher slightly off center between the legs. Leggings work well and look classy under the Solstice. Due to the crotch-shot potential, however, I wouldn’t wear this skirt alone. But that is a personal call.

I also recommend wearing thinner base layers under the skirt. Because it fits snugly and has a hefty waistband area, you don’t want to add more restriction from more layers, such as a top tucked into a bottom underneath. Additionally, a smoother lightweight wool blend or synthetic legging material would create less friction under the overskirt’s soft but beefy wool base.

Voormi Solstice Skirt Pros & Cons

To recap, the Voormi Solstice skirt is a fun and functional coverup for all kinds of winter pursuits. At $100, the price point is high. But as I mentioned, Voormi’s tech-wool layers are made to perform — and last. So it’s an investment piece. And for context, this is one of the brand’s less expensive products. Its flagship hoodies sell for more than $200.

Author smiling, wearing Voormi Solstice skirt, jumping in the air

Due to the Solstice’s simple design, it’s also a piece I don’t envision going out of style any time soon.

Again, the asymmetrical design of the Solstice skirt is flattering. However the athletic fit runs snug and on the small side. I might size up next time to ensure more leggings fit underneath. The angular cut makes the Solstice a full-on mini skirt. So those hoping to wear this piece alone, be warned. That said, a ribbed yet quite soft inner layer means you can wear the skirt comfortably, say, next to a roaring fire.

When compared to other overskirts of the puffy variety, I like the Solstice for its technical qualities and its sleeker take on the après-ski skirt. This made-in-the-USA snow skirt retails for $100 on the Voormi site and at select outfitters nationwide in two colors.

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