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Watch French ‘Les Soul Flyers’ Jump Out of a Plane and Set an Insane World Record

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Watch Les Soul Flyers break the world record as they fly over 4.6 miles in 3 minutes, 5 seconds, setting a new record for the longest wingsuit flight distance.

Most wingsuit fliers jump off of cliffs or skyscrapers. Some jump out of aircraft. Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte, and Aurélien Chatard, also known as the flying team Les Soul Flyers, not only jumped out of a helicopter tens of thousands of feet in the air, but they also made history doing so.

Les Soul Flyers set the world record for the longest wingsuit flight ever.

The three wingsuit professionals suited up, and their helicopter carried them to altitude. Then they made the jump, high above the famous Mont Blanc summit in the French Alps.

Their flight offers a new perspective of the mountain as they fly over incredible glaciers, crevasses, and cliffs. They accelerate to skin-crawling speeds, doing tricks in perfect unison, flying on and on for what feels like an eternity.

The way Fugen shouts radio commands to Cotte and Chatard shows how much he studied their route. He seems to have the mountain and its features memorized as the trio navigates the fall-line of Mont Blanc. They glide, they dive, they soar down the mountain and over Glacier des Bossons straight into the town of Les Bossons.

It’s a rush just watching this video. It’s hard to imagine the adrenaline kick Les Soul Flyers felt after the longest wingsuit flight in history. To see more of the famous trio’s wingsuit feats, check out Fred Fugen’s athlete page on the RedBull site.

Runtime: 4.5 minutes

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