ARTCRANK Bike Posters

ARTCRANK is a show of bicycle-inspired poster artwork that introduces people to local artists and sends them home with affordable works of art. ARTCRANK’s mission is to combine bike culture, creativity and advocacy to create a new way for people to get excited about cycling for transportation, health and pure enjoyment.

ARTCRANK founder Charles Youel knows this might sound a bit idealistic, admitting “Even in the most bike-mad towns, it’s bound to raise a few skeptical eyebrows.” But since 2007, ARTCRANK’s mission has played out across the country in Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, St. Louis, Bend and Des Moines. In September, ARTCRANK took the party across the pond to London, packing a bicycle café with fans — most all arriving by bike.

Youel, who lives in Minneapolis, believes that something as simple as a poster show with the right mix of like-minded collaborators can realize measurable change. “ARTCRANK started as a way for artists to reach a new audience,” he says, “but it’s evolved into something much bigger.” Looking forward to an upcoming show in Portland, Ore., Youel predicts that “you’ll see people riding bikes to the show, discovering local artists and connecting with causes and brands that share their values. That’s how real change works.”

—Upcoming shows include ARTCRANK PDX (Portland, Ore., Thursday, October 7); ARTCRANK SFO (San Francisco, Friday, October 22); and ARTCRANK BND (Bend, Ore., December 9-11). Calendar and details here:

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