Belgian Waffle Ride Winner Talks ‘Crucible’ of Gravel Racing in 2022 Recap

Competitors and organizers of the California Belgian Waffle Ride reflect on the lifestyle of gravel racing in a new video.

A unique and fast-growing cycling event, the Belgian Waffle Ride became the largest gravel race in the U.S. in 2021. In terms of participation, it grew by 175%, adding many new female participants.

In episode 2 of the Monuments of Gravel series on YouTube, 2018 winner Brian McCulloch shares his perspective on gravel racing. He’s one of many cyclists to become obsessed with the sport, calling it a “crucible” from which all riders “emerge better.”

“With gravel, there’s such grassroots events. There’s this influx of inclusivity and family,” McCulloch says in the video. “Also, you’re riding a bicycle that’s not perfect for anything. You have to have a bike that does it all.”

Runtime: 16.5 minutes

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