Bike Tour Around the World Vicariously with ‘Bunyan Velo’

From ocean shores in Mexico to glaciers in Alaska, photos and essays from the online publication Bunyan Velo take readers on a virtual bike tour around the world.

We met up with founder and editor Lucas Winzenburg. He was fresh off the trail of his own month-long tour across Europe. Winzenburg offered GearJunkie an inside look via the photos below, shot by adventurers around the world who seek out the simple pleasures of traveling long distances by bike.
—Amy Oberbroeckling

The beaches of Baja California Sur; photo by Alex Dunn

Cover shot

Camp for the night near Homer, Alaska; photo by Glenn Charles,

Scenes from Tibet; photo by Joe Cruz,

Solitude along a dirt trail in Chile; photo by Joe Cruz,

Pedaling the Marin Headlands, California; photo by Cass Gilbert,

The quietude of night in the Cascade Range, Oregon; photo by Erik Jensen,

Miles of dirt trails along Oregon’s Coast Range; photo by Donnie Kolb,

Winding roads of Oregon’s Coast Range; photo by Donnie Kolb,

Respite from the cold in a lookout tower in the Northern Rockies; photo by Casey Greene,

The dirt roads of Rwanda, Africa; photo by Derek McIntire,

Camp site in the Indian Himalayas; photo by Daniel Molloy,

Amy Oberbroeckling

Amy Oberbroeckling, an Iowa native, joined GearJunkie out of college and brought a passion for endurance sports as well as a flawless record in arm wrestling matches against famous rock climbers. Find her biking, trail running, cross-country skiing, camping, or tipping back a cold IPA.