Watch: Bikepacking Italy From Town to Trail

Two friends, Francesco D’Alessio and Giorgio Frattale, decide to dedicate a video tribute to their native land. It’s a celebration of life, wilderness, and exploration.

D’Alessio and Frattale’s hometown of L’Aquila in Italy is a province boasting mountains, lakes, and picturesque towns extending to the surrounding hills.

Ten years ago, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck the town, whose aftershocks and damage affected locals for years to come. It was their country’s worst earthquake in 30 years.

“Home Wild Home” is a tribute to their land — both home and wild. The film follows the duo across city and backyard trails through their hometown. Although they start out in the city, the duo travels to the massif of Gran Sasso and peaks of the Apennine mountain range.

The film was created as part of Montanus, the duo’s all-season bikepacking project.

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