Secrets of Shred: Explore One of the Best Bike Parks in Europe

Celebrate the reopening of bike parks across the world with this shred-worthy, wheelie-packed bike film.

To celebrate summer and the reopening of the bike parks, Reverse Components sent Florian “Flowgroh” Grohens to Bikepark Chatel in the Alps. The team of athletes and the film crew spent a full week riding and filming, and this is the result: 9 minutes of pure biking joy.

“After a tough springtime in lockdown, imprisoned at home with only old bike videos for comfort — the restrictions finally lifted,” the film description reads. “Shredding from the morning hours ’till night, it’s rumoured [Flowgroh] made up 4 months of descending time in one flat-out week.”

The video is packed with gorgeous landscapes, flawless wheelies, and insane singletrack. It definitely looks like a mountain biker’s paradise. There’s lots of diverse terrain and an awesome soundtrack to boot. Riders include Grohens, Antoine Buffart, Mateo Verdier, and a bunch of other shredders who take on the Alps with nothing but a bike and lift ticket in hand.

Want some insider info on what biking is like in the Alps? To find out, watch the whole film, created and produced by Jelle Harnisfeger and Hoshi Yoshida with Reverse Components, Bikepark Chatel, and Cannondale.

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