‘We Are The Rider,’ Cannondale’s Design Team Says — And Proves It

In this clip, Cannondale brings us behind the scenes to show off the folks that make the brand tick — athletes, engineers, designers, and marketers.

Cannondale says that “the ride comes first” for everyone involved on its design team. They share a common objective based on their athletic roots, which is to create bikes that people want to ride.

And that’s the thing about designing outdoor equipment: it can’t all be spreadsheets and data. If nobody wants to ride the ride, it doesn’t matter how perfect the spec sheet looks.

Cop some feel-good work vibes as the Cannondale team sends it in Germany’s Black Forest, located minutes from its R&D facility.

Cannondale Mountain Bike Manager Travis Tomczak spoke adroitly to the team’s “ride first” concept. “It keeps us designing bikes for the rider because we are the rider,” he said in a press release.

Cheers to that — let’s do a ride!

Runtime: 2 minutes

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