Cyclist Ignores Barrier, Gets Hit By Train Doing 90, Survives

This is sort of a P.S.A., and sort of a Darwin Awards nomination for a man lucky to survive. Just remember, those barriers that drop in front of train tracks are there for a reason.

The 26-year-old cyclist hit by a train going nearly 90 mph in south Poland lived to tell the tale. He can be seen dodging around the automated barrier, disappearing behind the high speed train just as his tire touches the tracks. Footage from the other side shows him bounce off the side of the train and skitter into a ditch.

According to several reports, he survived with just bruises and a $180 fine for ignoring the red light and barrier. The accident delayed the train 40 minutes.

The incredible event happened on Nov. 5, but Poland’s national railway company only released the video this week as “a lesson in how not to cross the tracks,” said Miroslaw Siemieniec, a spokesman for Polskie Koleje Panstwowe, according to the BBC.