Extreme Road Rage: Man Brandishes Knife At Cyclist

A cyclist in Australia met with what appears to be a disgruntled extra from Mad Max, who conveyed his unwillingness to share the road by heading off the unsuspecting biker and leaping from his vehicle while brandishing a knife. Charming.

What has two thumbs, a polished blade, and a complete detachment from sanity? That guy!

In the video the driver appears to pass a little too closely to the cyclist, who takes exception and slaps the vehicles fender.

The rider’s helmet cam captures the entire encounter – including the rider’s stats, which show he’s holding a 30-mph pace.

What ensues is as bizarre as it is terrifying. Thankfully, Aggro Man was fined $1,500 after the video and a report was made to authorities.

Adam Ruggiero

Adam Ruggiero is the Editor In Chief of GearJunkie.

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