Cycloc bike holder

Mixing modern design elements with a functional bike holder, UK-based Cycloc brings a fresh look to a stale market. Instead of resting your bike on the upward pointing arms of a traditional apartment-style bike holder, Cycloc uses a bucket-like holder that attaches to a wall.

Meant for use inside small spaces, the rack can mount anywhere using three screws or bolts. You can lock your bike to it, making it suitable for carports or communal garages.

Cycloc bike holder

The holder, which will accommodate any bike with a horizontal or sloping top tube, has one “hook” pointing up and one down. The bike balances in this groove.

But innovative things don’t come cheap. The Cycloc, which comes in red, white, green or black, costs 60 pounds, which is about $100.

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Stephen Regenold

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