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Eliel Del Dios Cycling Apparel: New Fabric Technology for Speed and Temperature Control

Eliel Cycling has long been in the business of building impressive kits designed to optimize performance in the saddle.

Lately, the brand has partnered with such brands as ENVE Composites and Industry Nine, among others, to create eye-catching apparel that complements brands that bring a reliable reputation to the gear they manufacture.

Eliel Del Dios jersey. Front logo detail view
Eliel says its new Del Dios line is designed to make riders more aerodynamic; (photo/Eliel Cycling)

The newest addition to Eliel’s line of high-performance cycling apparel, the Del Dios line, incorporates some fancy manufacturing of its own.

Eliel says the all-new Del Dios line brings together the latest tech and design to create a kit that the brand claims decreases drag and better assists the body in regulating temperature and sweat. The company achieves this through the use of materials owned and developed in partnership with a Northern Italian mill that puts physiology and science at the forefront of its fabrics.

Specifically, the Del Dios line incorporates woven fabrics into the arms and shoulders, where most of the airflow passes while riding. The brand states this keeps air nearer to the body for longer periods, and that cushion of air reduces drag.

Eliel Del Dios full kit. Front view.
Eliel says the Del Dios kit helps the body regulate temperature and wick sweat; (photo/Eliel Cycling)

The Del Dios line also uses antimicrobial “smart temp finishes” in its jerseys and “infrared yarn” in the bibs to keep body heat under control, along with a blend of seven materials that wick moisture and filter salt to keep it away from the skin.

Eliel says that salt-catching tech will be evident in the kits during hot rides, as salt will be readily visible on the fabric.

Eliel Del Dios Jersey

Eliel’s Del Dios Jersey is race fit and features a microstructured surface that creates a gap between it and the skin, increasing breathability.

It also includes the following features:

  • Low-profile tapered collar
  • Lengthy, laser-cut aerodynamic sleeves
  • Full-length locking zipper
  • Reinforced, no-sag pockets, including a zipped pocket
  • Reflective trim
  • UPF 50-plus sun protection
Eliel Del Dios jersey waist grip detail view.
Eliel’s Del Dios jersey features a waist gripper to keep it in place; (photo/Eliel Cycling)

Eliel Del Dios Bib

The Del Dios bib is designed with dense compressive fabric that’s anatomically cut to conform to the riding position. It’s composed of nylon-based fabric meant to hold up during particularly long rides.

Eliel Del Dios leg gripper detail
The Del Dios bibs feature cuff grippers with polyurethane thread; (photo/Eliel Cycling)

Other features include:

  • “Ergocentric” fabric designed to increase circulation and support leg muscles
  • Grippers in the cuffs include polyurethane thread that keeps them in place and makes them easy to remove
  • Laser-cut straps
  • Open-back structure to increase surface in contact with the Del Dios Jersey
Eliel Del Dios bibs.
The Del Dios bib costs MSRP $350; (photo/Eliel Cycling)


The Del Dios vest is designed to be a packable outer layer ready to spring into action when conditions change.

Eliel Del Dios fun kit. Rear view.
The Del Dios jersey includes a secure zipper pocket for gear; (photo/Eliel Cycling)

Like the jersey, it comes with a fabric system specifically designed to regulate body temperature by using dense woven fabric and texture that blocks the wind but prevents overheating.

Other features include:

  • Woven side panels for extra venting and breathability
  • 2-way locking zipper to vent up or down
  • Waist gripper
  • Reflective trim
  • UPF 50-plus sun protection

Eliel’s Del Dios Jersey is available for an MSRP of $225. The bib goes for MSRP $350, and the vest costs MSRP $225. All Eliel apparel is crafted in California.

Find out more on the Eliel Cycling website.

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