Enve SES Road Tire Collection

ENVE Rolls Into Bike Tire Market With ‘SES Road Collection’

Known for its handmade, premium carbon wheelsets, ENVE today launched its first bike tire, the SES Road Collection.

Carbon road wheel development has been raging at warp speed, morphing several times in the last decade alone. But all these advancements — internal rim widths, hookless designs, and the tubeless movement — created issues with wheel-tire compatibility and efficiency.

Because of this, ENVE started to reach a point of diminishing returns in its efforts to gain speed through advancements in aerodynamic wheel design. So the Utah-based manufacturer turned its attention to tires, a seemingly logical approach to creating the fastest wheel systems possible.

Enve SES Road Tire Collection

Today, ENVE released the SES Road Tire Collection. These tires, manufactured by lauded tire brand Tufo, leverage ENVE’s “real world speed” philosophy. The end products are tires that promise the best combination of aerodynamic and rolling efficiency while maintaining a practical blend of ride quality, puncture resistance, and weight savings.

ENVE SES Road Tire Collection

ENVE focused its aero expertise on the tires’ shape and tire-to-rim interface to deliver confidence and speed. But it was also concerned with the handling, rolling resistance, and stability required for high-end performance.

Enve SES Road Tire Collection

To that end, ENVE scrutinized even the tiniest details. For example, the brand claims the angles and edges of the tread pattern help with airflow management, and carcass and bead construction contribute to overall performance. This wasn’t an aero-only development strategy.

ENVE SES Road Tire Collection

  • Best-in-class aerodynamic performance improves the aerodynamics of any wheel
  • Breakaway tread pattern aids in airflow attachment from the tire to the rim
  • Construction yields a lightweight tire that balances rolling efficiency and durability
  • Low rolling resistance on par with best in class
  • Puncture Protection by Vectran — leading puncture resistance in the category of performance road tires
  • Tubeless optimization, bead stiffness, and bead diameters tuned for use with straight-sidewall (TSS) or hookless-bead and hooked-bead rim designs alike
  • Tire size defined by inner-rim width
  • Zylon-synthetic polymer bead material provides high strength, thermal stability, and creep resistance (stretching over time)
  • Anti-chafe strip for bead protection
  • Road tubeless-specific bead stiffness and diameter
  • Tufo SPC silica high-performance road racing tread compound features 66 Shore A durometer and provides a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with activated silica filler for wet-weather performance and low rolling resistance
  • Breakaway tread design and tire’s shape deliver aero performance by aiding airflow attachment from the tire to rim across the range of yaw angles
  • Tread thickness balances longevity and rolling resistance


The ENVE SES Road Tires are available now in 25c and 29c versions for $75. Come fall, ENVE will drop 27c and 31c tires as well.

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