Insane Riding: Fabio Wibmer’s Austrian Playground

Pro rider Fabio Wibmer pushes the limits of what’s possible on a bike — and makes it look insanely easy along the way.

Obsessed with Danny MacAskill videos? Then you’re going to love this new video from Sick Cinema and Red Bull.

Wibmer takes to his hometown streets of Austria and turns everyday items into his personal playground. Massive jumps, smooth turns, and all manner of mind-boggling feats are packed into this 8-minute video.

And you thought riding without your hands was impressive.

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Mallory Paige

Gear Editor Mallory Paige credits a childhood exploring the Rocky Mountains for her love of the outdoors. She recently spent a memorable year motorcycle camping across North America (with her dog!) and is now enjoying introducing her baby girl to all manner of adventure.