‘All Carbon’ Bike Brand to Launch in 2012

Its name conjures up images of molten metal and heavy iron. But Foundry Cycles, a new boutique house brand at Quality Bicycle Products in Bloomington, Minn., has unveiled a small line of bikes that lack metal and instead come stock with carbon frames.

To-be-released carbon road bike from Foundry

They won’t be in shops until this winter. But the company bills its line as made up of “tough, fast bikes with working-class roots.” The blue-collar reference is ostensibly a comment not on price tags but on the line’s aesthetics, which are understated and lacking in the bling department. There will be no “splashy logos or neon colors,” the company touts.

Foundry Cycles’ debut line will include three models, a road bike, a 29er mtb, and a cyclocross model. They will come offered in several component packages with prices from $2,900 and up. The top-end mtb, called the Router, will sell for as much as $5,000 fully built.

Foundry’s mtb: 29-inch wheels, carbon frame

The bikes will be built with a mix of Sram, Ritchey, FSA and Whisky components. The new line is in the “go-fast enthusiast” realm, not for the recreation crowd.

Each model will be available as a frameset, too. Complete bikes and framesets will begin shipping in early 2012.

T.C. Worley.