Olly Wilkins

Goodyear Bike Looking for Ambassadors of All Abilities, Ages

International mountain biker Olly Wilkins will lead Goodyear’s first Wingfoot Alliance ambassador program. And you can join in.

Goodyear Bicycle Tires just announced its Wingfoot Alliance ambassador program. Goodyear, which officially entered the cycling market in 2018, is looking for riders in all disciplines and with all levels of experience to apply to the program. Selected riders will be set up with tires for a season, plus more.

To kick it off, Goodyear announced English rider Olly Wilkins as the first to join the Wingfoot Alliance. Wilkins (aka “ODUB”) teamed up with the brand as both an athlete and a mountain bike product tester. In this short film, he gives us a sneak peek at the program’s perks.

He also provides us with entertaining facial expressions as he showcases his playful and skillful riding abilities. A bit informative, but mostly comical, he navigates all sorts of obstacles to put the tires to the test.

The Wingfoot Alliance

As members of the global ambassador program, riders will get to test gear, give feedback, and support and represent Goodyear Bicycle Tires. The Wingfoot Alliance program is open to riders of all styles, including downhill, enduro, gravel, triathlon, road, track, and more.

The best part? You don’t have to be a pro. We checked out the signup form, and it should only take a few minutes to tell Goodyear why it should select you. It could be that foot in the door you’re looking for.

Goodyear’s bike products currently include all-terrain tires, road clinchers, e-bike-ready tires, and more.

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