‘Food and Water Are Overrated!’ 21 Questions With Jay Petervary

When, where, and why was Jay Petervary literally running for his life? And how often does he cry at movies? Find out everything you’ve wanted to know about the endurance bike racing phenom in GearJunkie’s 21 Questions.

Jay Petervary, “JayP” in cycling circles, has been an outspoken and elite performer in ultraendurance bikepacking for years. And he’s not one to mince words, so it’s no secret he ruffles his share of feathers. But he typically finds himself first across the finish line, so he continues to command the respect of his peers, and has for the last 25 years.

We sat down with JayP to learn how this whole bikepacking sport get started. And we also heard tales from Petervary’s time at the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska and the time he broke his collarbone at Interbike. Plus, he shared some of his favorite pastimes, meals, and gear — and what makes him happy both on and off the bike.

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