Crash Tested! LEM Helmet Saves My Noggin

LEM cycling helmets have finally arrived. We’ve been using some preproduction samples for a few months now: the Gavia road race helmet and the all-mountain Flow helmet. They have performed exceptionally well, even when landing head-first into a pile of rocks at over 20 mph!

I got a chance to truly put these helmets through the paces, especially the mountain-bike-oriented LEM Flow. While out demoing a new bike for review, I managed to clip a tree with the last few millimeters of the handlebars at speed. Of course, I then went flying head-first into a pile of sharp rocks.

As a result, I sustained a concussion, a broken finger, a black eye, and more scrapes and bruises than I want to count. But the LEM Flow did its job, staying in place and protecting against an even more serious head injury. The impact did crack the shell, which is exactly what cycling helmets are designed to do in order to dissipate the force around your head.

LEM Helmets: The Company

LEM Helmets plans to appeal to people who care more about the cycling lifestyle than those looking for the latest high-tech trend. Its focus is the fun and adventure of cycling. LEM offers safe, durable, lightweight, comfortable, and good-looking helmets at great prices.

The new line of LEM cycling helmets offers proven safety technologies, clean silhouettes, personalized colors, and a comfortable, secure fit.

LEM has been making helmets for over 30 years. It has been focused on the motorsports world from its headquarters in Italy. And the brand is just now launching a full line of cycling helmets.


The first cycling helmets from LEM will appeal to a wide range of cyclists. It’s launching with seven different helmets in 50 colors that will cover road, mountain bike, commuter, and kids categories.

Initially, LEM cycling helmets will only be available direct to consumer through the brand’s website. It plans to open specialty retail stores in 2019. The first markets will be in North America and Europe. The Gavia will hit the market late January.

LEM Gavia Road Race Helmet

LEM Gavia Road Race Helmet

LEM’s top-of-the-line helmet in its new lineup is the Gavia. It’s a high-end road cycling helmet that offers the safety, comfort, and low weight that you expect. And it costs only $110.

LEM Gavia Road Race Helmet

The Gavia gets its name from the iconic Italian Passo Gavia climb in the Alps, part of the Giro d’Italia. The helmet is mostly made up of massive vents to keep the air moving and your head cool — an important design feature on those long uphill grinds. Mesh in the liner covers up a few of the forward vents, which keeps bugs from getting stuck in your hair on those long, fast descents.

LEM Gavia Road Race Helmet

The multishell in-mold build technology in the Gavia ensures that it’s both lightweight and safe. With the super-adjustable occipital lobe fit system, it’s quick and easy to adjust the helmet to your head. And the Gavia’s visor is great at keeping the sun out of your eyes while being easy to remove if you prefer the aero and looks without it.

LEM Gavia Road Race Helmet

  • Weight: 245 g
  • Price: $110
  • Build: 27 Flow-Thru vents, LEM Tech Integrated multishell EPS in-mold technology, LEM FS2 Padded Occipital Lobe five-position height adjustment fit system, easy snap on/off visor, polyester reflective webbing, padding with bug mesh
  • Safety: U.S. CPSC & EN 1078 CE Safety Standard Compliance

LEM Flow Mountain Bike Helmet


The Flow is LEM’s top-of-the-line all-mountain cycling helmet. It’s lightweight, offers lots of coverage, and is goggle compatible. And at only $80. Again, quite a value!

And as noted above, I crashed this helmet hard. It did its job, protecting me from more serious head injuries during what could have been a very bad accident.

The multiposition visor on the Flow allows for easy adjustment for optimum performance, with or without goggles. The head fit system offers a micro-adjustment dial for a secure on-the-fly customizable fit.

LEM Flow Mountain Bike Helmet

The Flow features in-mold EPS technology as part of its integrated three-piece shell. This construction offers safety and durability, allowing you to attack your favorite trails with confidence — something I tested first-hand with my big crash.

You barely notice the Flow is on your head. It stays put when the trail gets rough or the speed increases. The helmet has a good balance of airflow venting and head coverage safety. While the Flow isn’t the most vented helmet out there, it worked fine in 100-plus-degree heat in Nevada.

LEM Flow Mountain Bike Helmet

LEM Flow Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Weight: 276 g
  • Price: $80
  • Build: 16 Flow-Thru vents, Integrated three-piece shell technology with in-mold EPS, LEM FS2 Padded Occipital Lobe five-position height adjustment fit system, Multi-Positioning indexing visor, polyester reflective webbing, padding with bug mesh
  • Safety: U.S. CPSC & EN 1078 CE Safety Standard Compliance

LEM Helmets Conclusion

LEM Flow Mountain Bike Helmet

The bottom line with the new line of LEM cycling helmets is that they are quality helmets that won’t disappoint. Just as importantly, the new LEM helmets won’t hurt your bank account like many other comparable helmets.

PS: The LEM Flow that I smashed into the ground during my crash definitely needs to be replaced. This should be a regular practice for any real helmet impact, even if you can’t actually see structural damage. Luckily, a new quality LEM Flow will only set you back $80, which is quite the value!

Bryon Dorr

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