Thousands Of Cyclists ‘Die’ In London

Thousands of London cyclists created a surreal scene by laying down in the street during a “die in” to draw attention to the danger of riding a bike in the city.

Thousands of cyclists “die” in protest of dangerous conditions; photo by Rory Jackson

The protest took place outside the offices of Transport for London, the transportation authority for the city where 14 people have died in cycling related accidents during the past year including six during the two weeks leading up to the protest.

The Facebook event Stop The Killing Of Cyclists sprang up to organize the gathering that was held on Nov. 29. The group quickly grew resulting in a protest that drew an estimated 3,000 people and the attention of national press across England.

The group calls on Transport For London to increase spending on cycling infrastructure, gut the organization leadership and prioritize pedestrian and cyclist safety over vehicle speed and traffic flow.

“Cycling Safety needs to be TOP of TfL’s priorities, as [it] should befit a 21st century city looking for ways to tackle congestion and pollution,” the group reported on its Facebook page.

—Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy

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