Bike Light is ‘World’s First To Display Battery Life’

Admittedly, I’m bad at remembering to charge my bike lights at the end of long rides. When riding at night, I tend to cross my fingers and hope that the battery’s juice will hold out.

The Eagle 600, a new light from Magicshine, was presumably invented to help people like me by displaying its remaining battery and runtime. The brand says this light is the world’s first with this type of an OLED display system.

I tossed the light on my bike for a night ride in the city last weekend. With 600 lumens, it blazed far down the dark trail. Bright blue numbers displayed how much time I had left before the light would shut off.

The Eagle 600 attaches to the handlebars with a sleek band that secures tightly with a small bolt. It does take some time to attach, but once in place it feels sturdy and secure. To remove, simply press an orange lever and tilt the light up.

The light pops off, making it easy to charge

Running on a USB rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, the Eagle 600 will shine on full power for a claimed 1.5 hours. Like most lights, the battery will last for much longer on lower settings. The Eagle 600 has high to low modes plus a flashing mode.

It takes about 4 hours to fully charge a dead battery. The OLED screen displays how much charge you currently have during use and, when charging, shows the pace at which it is juicing up.

The sides of the light also light up, and you can’t turn them off. Similarly, the OLED doesn’t turn off, which might cause minor distraction for some in dark areas.

It weighs in at 154 grams with the mounting hardware. The light is available now for $160, similar to other high-end lights with the same lumens on the market.

If you’re like me and always crossing your fingers and hoping the battery will last, the Eagle would be a good investment for illuminating your adventures in the dark.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor at

Amy Oberbroeckling

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