Video: Stunt Cyclist Breaks Back (Now Paralyzed) Releases Video Anyway

Cyclist Martyn Ashton blew our minds with his first viral video Road Bike Party, which had millions of views in just a few days.

Following the success of the original, Ashton started working on a sequel. But in a sad twist of fate he broke his back and became paralyzed before the movie was completed.

With the help of his friends Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill, he was able to complete Road Bike Party 2, which launched today.

Watch as Ashton and friends hop on a $25,000 Colnago C59 Italia road bike and perform some of the craziest stunts we’ve ever seen. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Amy Oberbroeckling

Amy Oberbroeckling, an Iowa native, joined GearJunkie out of college and brought a passion for endurance sports as well as a flawless record in arm wrestling matches against famous rock climbers. Find her biking, trail running, cross-country skiing, camping, or tipping back a cold IPA.