Mining Almost Killed This Town, Mountain Biking Saved It

When the mining companies left, so did the jobs, people, and spirit of Cuyuna. For decades, the area was devastated until the community stopped waiting for the mines to reopen and decided to rebuild it in an unexpected way.

Today, the town operates a regional mountain biking paradise, stimulating economy and tourism. Cuyuna is a silver-level International Mountain Biking Destination and draws 20,000+ riders annually from all over the world to ride its famed singletrack.

Long live Cuyuna!

At Cuyuna, MTB Trails Revitalize 'Forgotten Region'
At Cuyuna, MTB Trails Revitalize 'Forgotten Region'
In northern Minnesota, a small town experiences a renaissance thanks to an infusion of tourism dollars from dirt-pedaling fanatics on two wheels. Read more…

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