Exploring unlikely (and often hidden) adventures in urban areas around the U.S.

Conrad Anker Guides Us Through His Montana Hometown

World-renowned mountaineer and YETI ambassador Conrad Anker lives and trains in Bozeman, Montana. This original film, a part of GearJunkie’s “Great Urban Outdoors” series, profiles the iconic mountain town via Anker’s lens.

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'City Stone: PDX' Highlights Portland's Urban Climbing Scene

This episode in GearJunkie's "Great Urban Outdoors" video series focuses on Portland's Rocky Butte. The urban crag provides an unlikely venue to practice the art of ascending vertical stone, all within sight of downtown.

‘Wakesurfing’ Opens Door To Endless Wave

On the lakes of Texas, pro wakesurfer Morgan Lohmeier shreds and endless wave behind a boat.

Mining Almost Killed This Town. Mountain Biking Saved It

At an abandoned iron mine in Minnesota, a devastated community stops waiting for the mines to reopen and rebuilds in an unexpected way.

Meet Duluth: America's Next Best Adventure Town

Climbing, MTB, hiking, kayaking, and more. Duluth, Minn. has it all and it's just miles from downtown.

Surfing NLand’s On-Demand Ocean

Perfect surfable waves every two minutes, all day long. Is this the future of surfing?

Paddling Iowa: Destroyed Dams To Whitewater Parks

Iowans tear down inefficient dams to make way for whitewater parks.

Downtown Lunkers: America’s Best Urban Fishing

Hooking monster salmon in the heart of the city.

Grander Slam: Fly Fish Urban Waters For 162 Species

‘Sewer rats’ to Muskies: city fishing is next-level fun.

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