Exploring Louisville's Bike Scene, Above Ground & Below

Beneath the urban sprawl of Louisville, KY, sits a mountain biking, dirt jumping haven — The Mega Cavern.

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‘Wakesurfing’ Opens Door To Endless Wave

On the lakes of Texas, pro wakesurfer Morgan Lohmeier shreds and endless wave behind a boat.

Mining Almost Killed This Town. Mountain Biking Saved It

At an abandoned iron mine in Minnesota, a devastated community stops waiting for the mines to reopen and rebuilds in an unexpected way.

Meet Duluth: America's Next Best Adventure Town

Climbing, MTB, hiking, kayaking, and more. Duluth, Minn. has it all and it's just miles from downtown.

Surfing NLand’s On-Demand Ocean

Perfect surfable waves every two minutes, all day long. Is this the future of surfing?

Paddling Iowa: Destroyed Dams To Whitewater Parks

Iowans tear down inefficient dams to make way for whitewater parks.

Downtown Lunkers: America’s Best Urban Fishing

Hooking monster salmon in the heart of the city.

Grander Slam: Fly Fish Urban Waters For 162 Species

‘Sewer rats’ to Muskies: city fishing is next-level fun.

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