Old-School VCR Edit of Danny MacAskill Is Mind-Bending: Watch

Who says you need a fancy camera to make a sick mountain bike film? Well, Danny MacAskill’s gnarly riding chops certainly help. Watch MacAskill absolutely tear it up in the woods.

“Protection Project Tape 01” is an urban-skate-inspired video all about mountain biking in the forest. It’s hard to believe what MacAskill sees as a feature in this incredibly creative video.

Danny MacAskill Endura Waterproof Onesie
Watch: Danny MacAskill Rides the Wettest Trails in Waterproof Onesie
A master of mountain biking, Danny MacAskill suits up to ride through slop, deep puddles, and downright nasty mud. But he stays dry thanks to a waterproof onesie. Read more…

Nate Mitka

Midwest born, Nate Mitka is based in the GearJunkie Denver office. He is an advocate of all outdoor activities and has developed some habits, like running without headphones, eating raw vegetables, and fixing the chain on his ratty old bike.