Mountain Bike Inspiration: Rippers Take on Utah

Filmed in Utah, this mountain biking edit is all you need to jumpstart your weekend.

There’s rock music, soaring kick-throughs, and classic Western backdrops. Created with the goal of connecting viewers to bike communities across North America, “Tribe” gives us a quick glimpse into the passion some riders bring to this sport.

The film stars over 14 amateur and professional MTB riders. It’s all about taking the back roads, kicking up clay sand, and hitting jumps like there’s no tomorrow. It takes a certain kind of person to throw themselves off a cliff headfirst and still have fun — and these athletes are not holding back.

If you mountain bike, you’ll really appreciate the balance of wildly fast and slow-mo shots in this film. If you don’t mountain bike, here’s your inspiration to try it out.

There are artistic panoramas, scary POV stunts, and more. The film is close to 20 minutes long — and it’s worth every second.

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