Pro MTB Rider, Race Drone Pilot Roll Out One Sick FPV Edit

A fresh video from MTB golden boy Rémy Métailler and professional race drone pilot Gabriel Kocher is about to take you for the virtual ride of your life.

First-person view (FPV) drones are really taking off in extreme sports videography — and this edit is a stellar testament to the technology.

Owing to Kocher’s expertise, the drone stalks Métailler’s every move with divine precision and a touch of butterfly-inspiring levity. Combined with Squamish’s unreal scenery and a banger of a song, this edit is evocative in all the right ways.

Check ‘er out.

Runtime: 5.5 minutes

FPV Drone Shot
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Jilli Cluff

Jilli grew up in the rural southern Colorado mountains, later moving to Texas for college. After seven years in corporate consulting, she was introduced to sport climbing — and life would never be the same. She now works as a contributor, gear tester, and editor for GearJunkie and other outlets within the AllGear family. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where she takes up residence with her climbing gear and one-eared blue heeler, George Michael.


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