Dream State: ‘Moonriders’ Nocturnal Fat-Biking

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The video was captured in Zermatt, Switzerland, on the bottom of the famous Matterhorn. Just for fun we went out on the evening of the 7th of March to capture some moonlight shots; with only the four of us to put it all together. We used a variety of techniques ranging from filming on skies with handheld gimbal, drone shots and some time-lapse. Only due to cutting-edge technology is it possible to capture the incredible images illuminated only by moonlight.

For this purpose, a Sony A7S was used with ISOs between 40,000 and 51,200 with fully open aperture (f2.8). The recordings were not stabilized afterwards. The gimbal system even worked at temperatures around -3° without problems. This also applies to the copter, which functioned smoothly at a wind speed of over 15km / h, only the batteries had to be preheated.