Family Business: Brother, Sister Duos Anchor L39ION Cycling Team

Rapha’s ‘In Tandem’ explores what it’s like to grow up riding together — and then grow to adulthood racing together — as siblings.

“It’s kind of like riding with a clone, or your Mini-Me,” L39ION team cyclist Samantha Schneider says about spending saddle time alongside her sister Skylar.

It gets a lot more profound than that, but you get the gist. Filial bonds forged on the bike run deep, and the results can be spectacular.

Just ask Justin and Cory Williams, who started Los Angeles’ L39ION after getting psyched on cycling as youngsters thanks to their dad. The brothers pride themselves on their creation’s fierce individuality and competitive stoke, but sibling bonds go a long way to define its character, too.

Watch it all play out in this fresh Rapha cut — as I type this, the world premiere has just concluded.

Runtime: 18 minutes

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