Gear Check: Robbie Bourdon’s ‘Red Bull Rampage’ Kit

Sculpted dirt ramps, immense air, and make-or-die lines define Red Bull Rampage, an annual contest in Utah. We caught up with one of the comp’s most badass riders for a look at his gear.

red bull rampage gear

Most riders wear full protective gear to make their Rampage run. Robbie Bourdon wore jeans. He caught air — flying 50+ feet through the sunny Utah sky — just a helmet as protective gear.

He crashed, hard, too. In the middle of the course Bourdon hit a jump, landed wrong, and flew over his bars. But he got up, a bloody shoulder and back barely fazing, and hopped back on to finish the ride.

red bull rampage robbie

I was in Utah for the show. For an interview, I caught up with Mr. Badass himself after a run to see how he was holding up — and to pry at what gear was letting him crush it on the vertical course.

Gear Check: Robbie Bourdon

Bike: YT Tues Pro ($5,195) — Carbon frame with 27.5-inch wheels. Bourdon describes it as “twice the bike” as last year’s aluminum model because it is stronger, and longer, and a kilo lighter (frame weighs 3,500 grams).

YT Tues Pro

“Especially with the terrain here, there are lots of tight dips on the steep stuff. With the bigger wheels, and the frame is a bit longer too, it rolls over everything better,” Bourdon says. “The only thing I do different for Rampage is put on a stiffer spring and push my seat forward.” he says. “This setup is bulletproof.”

Stem: Diety Micro DM ($105) — These aluminum stems are among the lightest and designed for the current longer frames on the downhill circuit.


Handlebars: Diety CZ38 ($95) — Designed for downhill, all-mountain, and free-riding, these aluminum bars weigh in at 310 grams.

Grips: Sensus Disisdaboss ($25) — Grippy and hot pink, what else do you need to know?


Pedals: Diety Bladerunner ($144) — The Bladerunner is Diety’s largest pedal and weighs 370 grams.

Tires: Maxxis High Roller II ($60) — Designed for the most technical terrain, the aggressive tread specializes in performing on loose soil.

Goggles: Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles ($205) — High-visibility goggles that can take a Rampage-worthy punch.

oakley overland glove

Gloves: Oakley Overload Gloves ($35) — The gloves are designed for riding the roughest terrain. Gives Bourdon max protection for his hands and knuckles while still letting him feel the grips.

Footwear: 5.10 Impact VXi ($150) — Shock absorbing, super grippy, aggressive shoes for riding flats.


Helmet: Fox Rampage Pro Carbon ($449) — This full-face helmet with two carbon shells is designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and highly protective without hindering vision. Inspired by moto, built for downhill.