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‘Future of Tire Inflation’: Schwalbe, Clik Valve Boast Bike Revolution

According to Schwalbe, its new pump valve simply clicks on to the bike tire — no lever pulling or troubleshooting required.
Schwalbe CLIK VALVE SCVSchwalbe Clik Valve SCV
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When Schwalbe says its new pump valve makes tire inflation “child’s play,” the brand means that almost literally. Schwalbe will be the first to market with the system, called Clik Valve, which was designed specifically to be simple enough that even children could operate it.

The result has been roundly well-received and even won a Eurobike Award for 2024, and could revolutionize a product category that has seen very little innovation in the last 100 years.

So, how does it work? As you might guess — with a click. The pump can be clicked onto the bike valve with minimal force (just two fingers, according to the brand) and removed again “very easily” after inflation, Schwalbe said.

Schwalbe is so confident in the tech that it believes even current owners of Sclaverand valve (SV aka Presta) or car-type pumps and valve will want this new gizmo. As part of the launch, Schwalbe is offering conversion kits for all existing bike valves and most pumps.

Schwalbe Clik Valve: More Details

Schwalbe’s new valve will work with numerous existing brands, including Sclaverand/Presta, Schrader, Dunlop, and various tubeless valves.

The product of a partnership between Schwalbe and Clik Valve, the new product will be available from either brand starting in August or September, a spokesperson said. At that point, stoked cyclists can expect to see a Clik Valve Tubeless Valve Set for $35, or Clik Valve Tubeless Valves & Clik Pump-Head Kit for $45.

The latter option allows owners to integrate the pump head adapter onto current pumps (by clamping or screwing in), even with hand pumps. It’s also possible to use the Schwalbe Clik Valve with normal SV (Presta) pumps.

Not interested in conversion? You may not have to wait long for another option. It’s possible that other bike tire and pump makers will jump on the bandwagon and start offering the valve on their own products — especially after the invention’s debut at the Eurobike trade show this week.

And according to Schwalbe, its new valve offers more benefits than mere convenience. It completely negates risk of air loss, only requires two-finger operation, and air flow in conjunction with tubeless tires is 50% higher than with conventional SV valves, the brand claimed.

“The Clik Valve is a groundbreaking development,” Markus Hachmeyer, head of research and development at Schwalbe, said in an announcement this week. “We all know the problems that keep cropping up with existing valves. These are completely eliminated with the Schwalbe Clik Valve — the bicycle tire is inflated within seconds. The entire handling is child’s play.“

Stay tuned for a full GearJunkie review of this one.

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