Will Wireless Connectivity Ruin Cycling, or Make It Better? SRAM Asks

What does the future of cycling look like as computer technology careens forward, only gaining momentum?

Microchips are everywhere. Look around — I’ll bet your car keys, door lock, or even your toaster have electronic components. The newly released iPhone 14 has a sat comms-like feature. Elon Musk wants to connect the entire surface of the planet to the internet and may actually follow through on the plan.

Where is bicycle technology in all this? Right in the thick of it. Wireless shifting blew minds at first, but now that everybody’s using it, the industry looks ahead.

Whatever’s next will shape the future of the sport. And depending on your point of view, that could feel confining or freeing. SRAM wanted to find out which outcome was more likely and why — so, the brand dug into the topic.

Watch the company that started with one now-commonplace product 35 years ago lean into the tip of the spear in search of what’s next in bike technology — and how it might change the cycling landscape as we know it.

Runtime: 15 minutes

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