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A Bivouac For Minimalist Motorcycle Tours

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[leadin]The Bivouac by Stay Exposed offers touring motorcyclists a small alternative to a tent.[/leadin]


Made from tough (but heavy) Cordura instead of the ripstop nylon found in most tents and bivy sacks, the Bivouac can be adjusted to fit the height of any type of motorcycle. Ride a chopper with ape hangers? Not a problem. Taking a dual sport into the outback? The Bivouac is designed to fit all types.



This minimalist shelter is not without some additional but important features. There is enough room for you and your gear, and a zippered vent lets you stand up on your mattress or sleeping bag while keeping other items mostly covered. A waterproof treatment ensures that once the bivouac is set, everything it covers stays dry.

The complete Bivouac comes with the cover, pegs, and tent poles, all of which rolls up into a tidy 6in x18in package (15cm x 45cm) that weighs a little more than 4.8 pounds (2 kilos).

While not explicitly designed for use with bicycles, it looks like this bivy could work with road or mountain bikes, although it might require a couple guy lines to secure the lightweight bicycle upright. It’s also heavy for bike use, but as a secondary application for those who already ride motorcycles, could be fun for quick overnight trips and take the place of a tent.

If bicycles are your primary use, lighter bike-specific options will work better.


The finished shape can be adjusted from a short thick roll to a long thin one depending on where and how you want to mount it to your bike with the included sturdy leather strap.

At $650, the Bivouac isn’t cheap, but it’s handmade in Switzerland and if it’s as tough as the makers claim, it could last long after related nylon versions bite the dust. Visit Stay Exposed for more info.

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