Surly Bicycle Trailer

As if Surly bicycles were not utilitarian enough, the Minnesota-based bike brand has decided that it will make its own trailer to up the haulin’ possibilities on two wheels. If you love cargo bikes such as the Big Dummy, but want the flexibility of removing the cargo hauler for jaunts around town, this may be your solution.

Surly Trailer

Available next spring, the trailer will be offered in two lengths: 32 inches and 64 inches. The mount system behaves like a universal-joint to allow the trailer to fit multiple wheel sizes and frame configurations. It is compatible with nearly any bike — from a 20-inch BMX to full-suspension downhill rigs. Mounts throughout the trailer will allow you to customize with fenders, decking, cover or whatever else you dream up.

Like all good Surly products, it’s made of steel — I’m thinking heirloom piece here. Pricing: $750 for the short, $775 for the long. Start saving now kids.

—T.C. Worley