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New Product: The Helmet Lock

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Knowing it’s the safe thing to do, you strap on your bike helmet when heading to the store, to campus, to work or to the bar at night. But you don’t want to lug the hard hat around with you, so you leave it with your locked bike — only to find it missing when you return.

The Helmet Lock

That’s the scenario that prompted Blake Mills to create The Helmet Lock, a vinyl-wrapped 1/8-inch-thick cable that loops through your helmet’s vent and then through a bike lock. It eliminates the need to haul a helmet with you, but keeps it safely attached to your bike.

The Helmet Lock inserted through a helmet vent

I’ve found that other means of securing a helmet, such as using ski cables, don’t work or are as big of a hassle as carrying it along. The Helmet Lock looks to be a good alternative. It adjusts to accommodate different helmets and different bike lock types.

The “lock” consists of a looped steel cable bent into a figure eight shape. There is a metal stopper nut in the middle. Slip the looped end through a helmet vent from the inside and around your lock to secure it. Seems pretty simple.

The Helmet Lock securing a helmet to a bike lock

The locks are currently available online in yellow or red for $13. www.thehelmetlock.com

—Ryan Dionne

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