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Watch This Dude Bikepack Across Latvia — On a Unicycle!

What kind of maniac would attempt to ride an off-road unicycle across an entire European country? Ed Pratt, that's who.

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True, 418 miles of off-road bike touring is moderately challenging. But what if you remove a wheel? Then it’s a whole different ballgame — a ballgame that long-distance unicyclist Ed Pratt is uniquely suited for.

Pratt is currently attempting to unicycle across Latvia on the Baltic Forest Trail, a blend of single and double track that runs from the Latvian/Estonian border across the country to Lithuania. Luckily for us, Pratt is also a prolific YouTuber, and the videos he’s making along the way make for an excellent and lighthearted watch.

The unicyclist has his work cut out for him. Although he’s an expert — he unicycled around the world in 2018 — Pratt faces a whole new set of challenges on this journey because, as you’d imagine, unicycling through a steep Baltic forest and along a flat, paved road are two entirely different animals.

Catch the first video to get a sense of what Pratt’s up against, and then continue following along as he posts updates. It promises to be a wild ride!

Runtime: 15 minutes

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