Calling on 2 Wheels: Chelsea Kimball Shreds Freeride MTB

‘The best thing you can do for any new rider is just to spend time with them, and go riding together.’

What’s the best part about the free-spirited downhill and slopestyle mountain biker Chelsea Kimball? Take your pick: she’s hella skilled, organically psyched, and openly welcoming to new riders.

Why wouldn’t she be? There was a time when she was one. But that was then and this is now, and Kimball’s  chops have built to the point that she now stars in spots like Teton Gravity Research’s forthcoming film “Esperanto.”

The Specialized athlete has spent most of her time lately spinning up mega performances at big freeride events like Red Bull Formation and Freeride Fiesta. Now, the upcoming TGR feature film focuses on the “universal language” of MTB.

Dip into the teaser for a taste. The full film premieres this Wednesday, June 29, at Ketchum, Idaho’s Argyros Performing Arts Center.

For more information, including film tour dates, head to TGR’s tour page.

Runtime: 2.5 minutes

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