Is Racing MTB World Cups Even Fun? Red Bull Asks Riders

Undoubtedly, downhill racing can get rowdy to the point of being highly injurious. But according to those who live and die by the sport, it isn’t all thrills and spills.

“Usually, when we come to the World Cup, and we do these videos, we focus on the injuries and the gnarliness,” Eliot Jackson muses. “How scary it is, and how much pressure there is.”

But, he says, it’s easy to forget one critical thing amid the carnage: “Everyone here is living their best life, having so much fun.”

See for yourself in this thorough Red Bull short from Switzerland’s Lenzerheide Downhill World Cup. Two things I can promise: rad action and funny quotes from renowned pros.

Dig in.

Runtime: 15.5 minutes

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